welcome to my personal website


my name is Andrea Di Biagio, and i am a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics at IQOQI Vienna in Marios Christodoulou’s group, working at the broad intersection of gravity, quantum information theory, quantum foundations, and quantum field theory.

visit my blog, with ideas and musings about science, maths, tech and stuff.

the name of the site comes from a quote that i though was from von Neumann, but is from Norbert Wiener (garbled):

we are not things that exist, but patterns that abide

everything is in flow, but there are a bunch of regularities in the world, including people, music genres, houses, the laws of physics, and mathematics. (and cliffs and dogs too)

I’ve always been divided between the mind and the body, academia and nature. When I’m not thinking about qft, gravity, fields, locality, interpretations of qm, probability, and emergence of spacetime, you can find me climbing, hiking, in the ocean freediving or scuba diving, or at a daytime psytrance party. I’ve recently gotten into juggling, slacklining, poi spinning, and acroyoga. I like to cook and eat plants.

proud member of the brcp