breathe in
looong… breath… out

the clickety sound of marine life, the water lapping on my face

breathe in
loooong… breath… out…

repeat until the bottom does not look that far anymore

breathe in
loooong… breath… out…

repeat until i am mostly my lungs

breathe in
loooong… breath… out…

one last. long. breath. in

my leg is out of the water, its weight makes me glide away from the surface, into the blue

down, down, down… down

i am here. suspended. quiet

my body needs nothing, for a bit. my mind has nothing in it, for a bit, besides the three dimensions, the quiet, the lazy movement of the fish, the stillness of the vegetation.

i look up. blue space. immense. heavy, in a way.


it’s time to go back. i let the air in my lungs pull me back up, the air in my ears clicks as it expands back into my body,

the melody of the bubbles escaping the mask

stay with the want, the intense, primal need of exchanging gas with the earth. relax into it.

looking at the impossible beauty of the surface

the colours come back, the water is warmer, its dance carries the energy of distant winds

the last moment of stillness before breach

breathe OUT! IN! OUT!

in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out…